Madison and Zachary - Jackson, NH

Almost two years ago I photographed Madison and Zachary on the coast of Maine.  When they booked me, it felt as if their wedding day was so far away. I ended up moving to Jackson, NH, where their wedding was taking place and all of a sudden the day was here!  

I cannot thank these two, and their families, for making Corey and I feel like a part of the wedding.  I could go on and on about the best moments of the day, from Zach and his grandmother tearing it up on the dance floor to the hilarious toasts, but my favorite moment was when Madison opened her card from her soon to be groom.  The room was silent as she started to read it as tears streamed down her face.  All of a sudden she bursts out into a half laugh/half sob and says, "I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH".  It was such an emotional, special moment that I won't ever forget. Here are my favorite moments from the day, I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to our incredible team of vendors: 
Assistant Photographer - Corey Fitzgerald
Cake + Dessert- Autumn Nomad
Flowers - Dutch Bloemen Winkel 
Dress - Denise Shaw
Makeup - Polished Spa
Hair - Siobhan Meissner
Venue + Catering - Wentworth Inn