Chelsea and Michelle - Elopement in Acadia National Park

Elopements always have a special place in my heart - they’re intimate, relaxed and truly focus on what matters. So when my friend Chelsea asked me to capture hers, I was beyond excited to head back to one of my favorite places to photograph two of my favorite people. Chelsea and Michelle had never been to Acadia National Park. They arrived late Wednesday night in the dark and didn’t get to see any of it until we were standing on top of Cadillac Mountain at 5am Thursday morning. As the sun rose and illuminated the oceanside mountains, smiles emerged from their faces as coffee kept them warm and awake. They didn’t really have a plan for the day, just a general idea of “let’s go get married!” After hanging out on the mountain for a while, the decision was made to head to a beautiful cove and find the perfect spot to say I do. Six dogs, two friends and the beautiful couple gathered together on the rocks by the ocean for a lovely ceremony. Directly after, Chelsea and Michelle jumped into the water, only pausing for a kiss, then running out to dry clothes and celebratory champagne. It was so romantic and fun, truly a carefree day full of love.

Big thanks to Angela and Josh for officiating, making coffee, helping with the dogs and being so supportive throughout the day. To Chelsea and Michelle - thank you for letting me capture your day, for trusting me with these images, and for having a love so fierce that anyone around you can feel it. Much love!