Lacy and Loretta - Mount Washington NH

The forecast for Lacy and Loretta's wedding day looked bleak - rain, thunderstorms and a chance of lightening.  They took a chance and decided to go through with the plan of hiking Mount Washington with their best friends and getting married at the summit.  I am SO glad they did, because the weather ended up being absolutely perfect.  We started under moody skies and as we approached the summit, the skies opened up to a perfect blue backdrop.  On the hike up, I learned a lot about the famous "Gram", and meeting her was one of the highlights of the day.  She was waiting for us at the top and welcomed everyone with open arms (and happy tears!)  One of my favorite moments was when we first began the hike.  Loretta's dad dropped us off at the trailhead, and as we disappeared into the woods, he yelled up "It's all about the love!"  A sweet reminder as we started our journey.

This day is one I will remember forever.  From the moment they picked me up at 6am, to the after party at Tuckerman's Brewing, I felt like I was part of the family.  I got to know everyone on the hike up and share one of my favorite passions with new friends. I fought back tears at the ceremony because the love from everyone surrounding Lacy and Loretta was so evident.  

Thank you both for inviting me along on this adventure.