Alicia and Ash - Fryeburg, Maine

This is yet another instance of knowing someone online but feeling as if I knew them personally! I have followed Alicia + her sweet family on Instagram for a while and was so excited to finally meet them in person. She and I love all the same things- dogs, the outdoors and LL Bean, so I knew we’d be fast friends!

We decided on a sunset session in Fryeburg, Maine with their dog Roo. It was chilly but they kept it fun! I am so proud of how far Alicia has come since getting in a horrible car accident (read about it on her blog here) last year and being told she may never hike again. To photograph her hiking and doing what she loves with her husband and dog made me feel so lucky to know her. She’s an inspiration to me and anyone she meets. Thank you Alicia + Ash for such an amazing session.